Sea Otters

By: Calvin Borremans

Sea Otters Habitat

Sea otter sea otters live in the range of the soviet union all the way to California were the deepest water is approximately being 40 meters living at least 5 miles from the nearest shore so they can eat, groom, rest, and socialize. sea otter will also live near kelp beds where they can raft on the kelp

why are they endangered

list of reasons they are endangered

  • limited food due to commercial fishing
  • tangled in fishing nets and drowning
  • oil spills
  • hunted for thick fur

Sea Otter Diet

They eat mainly

  • eat

  • crabs

  • clams

  • abalone

  • snails

  • urchins

  • mussels

  • approximately eating 25% of their weight in food each day

fun facts

  • have the densest fur of any animal ranging from 250,000 to a million hairs per square inch

  • The heaviest member of the weasel family

  • can dive up to 330 feet when foraging for food.

  • They use small rocks or other objects to pry shellfish from rocks and to hammer them open.