Wildlife Management Careers

A few types of Wildlife Management Careers

  • Game Warden
  • Wildlife Inspector
  • Wildlife Information Specialist
  • Refuge Manager

Game Warden

Job Description

An employee of the County, State, or Nation who has the role of protecting wildlife. They have the authority to go anywhere they please as long as they have reason to believe something illegal is being done. A Game Warden also has all the power that a cop has.

Salary Range

National: $55,670

Local: $52,982

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Degrees Needed

No degree is needed to become a game warden, however it helps and most common degrees are Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Biology, and Environmental Science.

Suggested College Major/Minor

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Biology

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Top Five College/Trade School Choices

Sam Houston------------------Huntsville

A&M---------------------------College Station

University of Texas------------Austin

Texas University---------------San Marcus


Possible Emoployment Opportunities

San Houston------Huntsville------$52,980