The life of a... RC shop owner

By: Mason DeLong

Day to day life...

"I usually work 6 to 7 days each week." But on your day to day life people are going to be coming to the shop and stuff so you will have to keep your stock of parts up and don't let them run out. You also have to pay your bills to keep your business up. Since she has to keep it up 6 to 7 days a week so you have to be working a lot.

Is it a fun job?

"Well it can be fun." "But it is not all about being fun its about working hard and doing good" Its not all about it being fun you have to work hard and to get good money. But it depends on how hard you work to get more money. Since it can be fun at the same time you have to be working hard to so you are not behind.


Do you think someone like me would find liking this job? Also do you think that the job will get good money on your day to day life doing it? What do you have to do to keep the business up on your day to day life? Do you have to get an education in college?