My Favorite Vacation

Turks and Caicos Summer 2014

Turks and Caicos

One dark night I ran into the cantina and screamed," one more day until Turks and Caicos!" The next day early in the morning we woke up and drove to the airport. I was so excited! When we got to the airport we waited and waited until our plane got there. We got on the plane and took off! It felt like so long when we were on the four hour plane ride. But when I saw the crystal clear water I knew we were close! When we got there I was surprised, the airport was not as nice as I expected it to be. When we left a shuttle picked us up and took us to the car rental place.

When we got there we waited and waited for our cars. When we got in the car something bad happened! My mom had her hand in the door frame and my grandpa closed the door! It closed all the way and her fingers were still in the door. She screamed then my sister and I screamed! My grandpa opened the door. I could tell se was in so much pain! Luckily our friend who is a fireman was there to save the day! He said she didn't break her fingers because her wedding ring blocked the door from crushing them!

When we got to Turtle Breeze Villa (our house) I was amazed! It was so beautiful. The flowers were so bright and the house was so pretty. We all picked our rooms, then I quickly got my bathing suit on and jumped in the pool! After all the dads got back from the store we all went to the beach! It was so pretty and the water was so clear! We built sand castles, we hung out with our friends and are family, and we had fun playing in the water! A couple days later we went on a boat ride. It was so fun! We went snorkeling in 20ft deep water in the middle of the ocean! There were so many bright fish I got to see and the best of all I was with my family! We also went to Iguana island and to the beach where they shoot commercials! We did so many more fun things in the 5 other days we were in Turks! But this is why Turks is my favorite vacation.