How To Vote

Picking the right candidate for President

Every Candidtae needs to be able to communictae well

If running for presidency, every candidate should remember that they will come in connect with many people and should have the ability to communicate well and present their ideas in a fashionable way possible.

Compare the Candidates

Try to consider how each of the candidates presents themselves to the public and how they treat those around them. You wouldn't want a fool who just does what he wants as president, now would you?

and many more!!!

How to be a Candidate for President

  1. Make sure you are at least 35 years old and a natural born United States citizen. You must also have lived 14 years in America to run for President.
  2. Get the look.
  3. Nail down the body language.
  4. Work on that resume.
  5. Make some friends :)

The White House

Where most of the Presidency occurs!