Welcome to Week Six

Ratios and Proportions (MAT090)

Weekly Content - Ratios and Proportions

In this week, we're going to be discussing ratios and proportions. Ratio is just a fancy way of saying a fraction but don't let that get you worried - we aren't really going back to fractions. When we work with proportions, i.e. equations that involve ratios, the end result is usually going to be a decimal.

Weekly Motivation

"Mathematics is not a careful march down a well-cleared highway, but a journey into a strange wilderness, where the explorers often get lost.."
-- W.S. Anglin [1]

At this point, our march through the material has reached its half way point. Week five's grades will be posted in the grade book and mid-term grades will have been sent to the registrar by the end of the day (Monday). If you have any concerns about your grade, please feel free to contact me privately by email.

[1] W.S. Anglin, in Mathematics and History

Class Notes - The Midterm Exam

If you aren't happy with your mid-term grade, you can attempt it a second time and I'll take the higher of the two results. Before you make a second attempt, you should review your first attempt to see what topics you had trouble with and spend some time reviewing them before trying the exam again. You should also try to have your module count as close to 125 as possible to be sure that you're up to speed on all of the material that the exam covers.

If you haven't taken the exam yet, there's still time to get it done. Assignments can be completed up to two weeks after the due date for partial credit so you should definitely make the effort to get it done.