Reading class Poems

Ashe Parker

Makes Me Think of poem

Winter makes me think of snow.

Snow makes me think of the cold.

The cold makes me think of blankets.

Blankets make me think of warmth.

Warmth makes me think of sweating.

Sweating makes me think of snow cones.

Snow cones make me think of winter

Blazon poem

My spirit is a shadow of a dim flame.

My hair is like a sandy beach.

My eyes are mossy lake blue.

My energy is like a wave on a sunny afternoon.

My ears are that of a sleeping ox.

My poem is a flash of electricity

and thought out like a DNA strand.

I am a flower about to bloom.

I am fire.


A shadow in light.

Light stings the darkness.

Darkness covers light.

acrostic poem

Aspiring to be a good person

Soft and caring

Happy and cheerful

Elementary school graduate

Color poem

Red is fire in the furnace.

Red is crimson wings of ruby.

Red smells like a rose in spring.

Red tastes like strawberry jam.

Red sounds like a marching band.

Red looks like a sunrise in the morning.

Red feels like a fluffy cat.

Red makes me feel like I'm a army.

Red is the color of kings.

Exaggeration poem my car

My car is the best car.

My car drives on its own.

I can drive under water with my car.

On four-wheel drive, it can even fly.

My car has actual flames on its wheels.

My car leaves melted concrete in its trail.

I could drive my car to china and back in a day.

My car has two streaks of lightning on its sides.

I can drive my car to kingdom kong and back in a day.

My car beat the flash in a race.

On my car is AC that cools a volcano.

I fly to space when I step on it.

Cinquan poem




Their milk tastes bad.


Personification poem

I am a lonely wolf

I walk a lonely path

I hunt a festive rabbit

I sprint across the field

and after that, I fall asleep

I am a lonely wolf


There was an old frog

He lived in a bog

He lived next to a young squirrel

The squirrel's face made the frog herl

The hole bog was barf by then.

Rhyme scheme

We are going on a journey. a

When we are done we will feast. b

but when we got nothing of the least.

We became sad and lost all hope.