Kindergarten Happenings

September Highlights

ELA (English Language Arts)

We have spent the last six weeks getting to know one another and establishing our community. At this point, each child has had their first turn as meeting leader. The meeting leader gets to sit in the meeting leader chair. The meeting leader's job is to call up each individual to do his/her job and to help anyone who needs it. This was also the first round of shares. Each individual shared an All About Me project. We learned so much about each other but also a lot of what we have in common. These wonderful pieces of art are on display for all to see during Family Night. Friday was our last day of "Name of the Day". Name of the Day begins with us sitting in front of a chart that asks us to: Say it (the person's name), cheer it, clap it, spell it, count it, and then one individual has to fix it (put the letters in the correct order). Then we moved onto the Name of the Day book. First I modeled how to write each letter of the person's name- starting with a capital letter and then using lowercase. (After a child has been Name of the Day he/she is expected to be writing his/her name with a capital and then the rest lowercase). I must say they did an excellent job with this. Then we moved onto draw Mat Man. Mat Man comes from our Handwriting Without Tears program. Mat Man introduces the big lines, little lines, big curves and little curves that are used to make each capital letter of the alphabet. After that, we turned Mat Man into the Name of the Day person. We had to pay close attention to detail to make it look like that individual. We are now ready to begin Readers' and Writers' Workshop!

Ms. Carla joins us on Monday mornings to give instruction in our handwriting program Handwriting Without Tears. As I mentioned above, we were introduced to Mat Man. We have now moved onto the "Froggy Jump" capital letters (B, D, E, F, M, N, P, R)- this means that these letters start with a big line down and then froggy jump back to the top. I will be sending home handwriting activity bags. Your child will be able to teach you our program. :0) Also be on the lookout for our letter book bags coming home. Please make sure your child does his/her best work.


Our first unit for math focuses on counting, matching and comparing 0-10. We began by counting the letters in our names with cubes and ten frames. We went onto to compare our names with each other's names. We are starting to learn about the concepts of more than, equal to, and less than and use these math vocabulary words to compare. We are exploring each number.

We are learning:

how many that would be

how to write the numeral

how to write and read the word

how that number looks on a ten frame and on dice

deciding if it is odd or even

what one less and one more would be

what that number looks like with tally marks

finding that numeral on a number line

Counting is also applied daily during our morning meeting (kid counter, lunch counter, numeral writer) as well as during Meeting Math when we count how many days we have been in kindergarten a variety of ways.

You can have fun at home counting- count chairs, steps, set the table and count out plates/forks/cups...

When your child counting beyond ten please pay attention to your child's speech. Encourage your child to get his/her mouth ready when saying numbers like three, thirteen, thirty- noticing how very different the mouth is compared to saying four, fourteen, fifteen.


Thursday, October 15th: Lyman Family Share Night 6:00

Thursday, October 22nd: field trip to Helen Carson Wildlife Sanctuary (Cranberry/beaver Bog)

Friday, October 30th: Halloween Assembly (more info to follow)