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Planning a funeral

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What do you want to happen with your remains? Organ donation? Cremation? Burial? If a burial, then what do you want to wear? Do you want an open or closed casket? What kind of casket do you want? Do you want to be buried in a mausoleum or the ground? If the ground, do you already have a burial plot? Who do you want to be buried next to? If in the ground, do you want the coffin to be placed in a sealed vault?

Questions like these can be hard to answer when tragedy is foreseen or even worse unforeseen. We at Eternal Rest Funeral Home can help you thorough the process of making those tough decisions; whether it be for you or a loved one, were here for you.

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Religion in death

What rituals do you want at your funeral or memorial service? Do you have a favorite Bible, Koran, Torah or other religious book that you would like to be read from? Any poems or other text that you would like to be read? What musical instruments/songs do you want? Do you want a morning or afternoon service? Who do you want to give the eulogy?

These questions may or may not be something you have spoken about. Religion often plays a huge role in the process of grieving and commencing the funeral. Allow us to help you take the necessary steps to progress appropriately and console in a professional company.

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