Andrew Jackson

A Major Zero

Trail of Tears

During Jackson's presidency he made the removal policy of 1830 to remove the Indians away from their nations. They negotiated with many tribes, mainly the five southeast tribes. The tribes included, the Cherokee tribe, the Creek tribe, the Seminole tribe, the Choctaw tribe and the Chickasaw tribe. The idea was to get all tribes to go to the reservation in present day Oklahoma. Adding on to the horrible things Jackson did, to get the tribes to Oklahoma they had to walk on the Trail of Tears. This was very harsh because the tribe didn't have much protection from the harsh weather. They didn't have the protection because they were rushed out of their homes so quickly, some didn't even have shoes! In result to no resources and illness 4,000 Indians died.

Political cartoon

This political cartoon symbolizes the removal of the national bank. The pillars falling represents the bank falling and all the people going down shows that people lost there jobs and the money. Next to it is Jackson holding the paper stating the removal of the bank. Next to Jackson is a man that represents the common-man, someone that the bank does not satisfy. Both men are happy.
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National Bank

Jackson was not a supporter of the national bank even before he was president. Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Bank President, Nicholas Biddle sent in the recharter bill on not vetoing the bank stating the bank is supposed to help stabilize the money supplies and help the economy, even when they did this Andrew Jackson was still against the national bank. Congress even passed the recharter bill but Jackson still vetoed the bill. He stated in his long veto message that the National bank was both "unconstitutional" and "unnecessary". He claimed that the bank only satisfied the needs of the elite and not the country as a whole. After challenging the Court the bank became unconstitutional.


Jackson made lots of bad decisions for the government. A big problem was that he abused lots of his powers. An example of him abusing his power is the Maysville Road Bill. The situation was Kentucky wanted to build a road and they asked the federal government for money to build the road but Jackson declined stating that it should be funded by a local source. This shows both Jackson's power abuse and the shift of how the federal government will pay for state improvements. Another problem is that he was a supporter of the "spoils system". The "spoils system" is when he only gave government jobs to the people that helped with his campaign and people that supported his party. This is a bad thing to go by because even though people didn't support him doesn't mean they didn't have good solutions for the government. He shouldn't have been so biased to people. All of these situations showed how Jackson didn't follow the constitution and acted as if he were a king.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester