Mexican Masks

Mexican History Shown Through Masks

History of Mexican Masks

Masks are usually worn on the face for protection, disguise or entertainment. Mexican masks were used in pre-hispanic Mexico by priests to summon deities and were also used in sacrifices. They now use masks in traditional festivals to honor saints days, major christian holidays. In Mexico the masks bring out the beliefs and enchant viewers. Masks symbolize stories and real life instances that happen everyday. They are made from wood, papier mache, clay and stone.

Mexican Mask Style

Some of the main characteristics of the Mexican masks include: being made out of wood, bright colors, human, animals and combined. The artistic things I notice would include the constant use of bright colors and specific details within the masks. I would describe their style as unique. They try to make their own interpretation of how they see creatures. Elements in the masks would include: shape, line, color, texture and form. Principles would include: Pattern, rhythm and contrast.

My Opinion

In my opinion the masks are actually really creepy. I would not want to buy or make a mexican mask. The things that are most interesting are the stories behind every mask. The Mexican culture has a variety of masks that show the mask makers interpretation of each creature which is very interesting as well.