By: Mj Cullum


Anacondas spend most of their day in the water. They are found mostly near the amozon and Orinoco Rivers in South America. The areas include Brazil, Columbia, and Venezuela. Since they weigh so much, being in the water helps them, because the water supports their weight.


Anacondas are nocturnal. Which means that they sleep in the day and are awake at night. Anacondas ambush their prey. They wait until their prey gets a drink, then they strike. What helps them hide so well is their color. They are brown and black with a little green. So it helps then hide with dirt and trees. Anacondas will occasionally eat dogs, sheep, and pigs. But they mostly eat water birds, small animals, crocidiles, and larger animals.


Anacondas mate by having a male wrap himself around the female. Anacondas give birth to live babies. The baby grows inside the mom. Inside the mom the stay safe and warm. The baby feeds of of the yolk. How many babies the mother dlivers depends on the size of the mom. A large anaconda mom can give birth to about 50 babies. Each about three feet long.