The Currituck Sound

Sami Anthony


The Currituck Sound is located off of the Northeastern part of North Carolina in the Outer Banks.


Estuaries are very important to the lives around it. They give off certain benefits that help us ecologically and economically; plus, they provide feeding and nesting habitats for animals and plants of the area.

Flora and Fauna

There are many different plants and animals located in the Currituck Sound, but here are a few:

> Bald Cyprus

> Cattail

> Blue Crab

> Clams

> Striped Bass

> Bull Frog

> American Alligator

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Rivers, Streams, and Waterways

Rivers and streams such as Capsies Creek, North Landing River, and the Northwest River both flow into the Currituck Sound. The Sound also uses these rivers to connect to the Albemarle Sound.
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Inlets between the Sound and the ocean have shown change in the past years concerning salinity and water quality. Many marshes and grasses have eroded away, having a negative effect on fisheries and aquatic life.