What's Your Type?

By Savon Gorham

Describe People With Your Personality Type (ESTP)

  • We like to be in charge and control.
  • We are really outgoing and blunt towards/around people.
  • We see problems clearly and delegate easily.

Does the personality type describe you? Why or why not?

Yes it does because I love being in charge. This accurately described me because I do become agitated with long explanations or speeches coming from anyone or a speaker. And people have described me as being a outgoing person and being straightforward. I personally know this is me because I say this about myself all the time. What stood out to me most was that we ESTP'S have a troublesome time in school because we often get bored with classes because we feel we don't gain no useful material.

Career Path

Social Work

Medical and Dental Assistance


Accounting and bookkeeping

Learning Styles

Will this help my book?

Apply what we we learn to practical work.

Easily take in material when a significant part is deviated.


St, Teresa of Avilla

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Johnny Carsen, Comidian

Common Traits