Portland Head Light

Cape Elizabeth, Maine


The Portland Head Light was very interesting to learn about. That is was the 66th tallest light house in the u.s. standing at 80ft. Also that there was a hurricane a war and a shipwreck. Read more to find out what else I learned about this famous lighthouse.

Final copy over the Portland Head Light

Have people ever found out that 2 people died at the Portland head light. That it is also the 66th tallest lighthouse. When things get dropped off, or picked up at the Portland Harbor you'll see the glistening light. The lighthouse is made of all different sorts of bricks grey,brown, and red. Read more to find out!

Including the history about the lighthouse is that it was damaged during Fort Williams, by shots. Also a hurricane hit on Sept.8th and destroyed the bell. 2 people had died in a shopwreck because there was no light in the house. The lighthouse was created in 1784 where Portland was named Falmouth till 1786. A captain from the American Revolution was the first keeper.

Furthermore in the construction was a big problem here it was poorly built from the start. They replaced the broken bell with a trumpet instead. One of the keeper's Frank Hilt designed a life size checkerboard in the basement. They spent $260,000 in total renovation. They used whale oil lamps before electricity was made in 1929.

Even more the keepers sold or did things for extra cash or even some fame. One keeper sold drinks to get money. One of the Strout boys wrote a book about the Portland Head Light in 1935. The longest time keepers has stayed is 39 years by the Strout boys. There is now a museum in the keepers house where they sell that book and other things from the past.

Now that the reader has found out some interesting facts about the Portland Head Light. Facts have been provided that the Portland is 80 ft tall. Whenever visitors are in Maine, they make sure to see glistening light in the wonderful view.

By Gillian Soloy


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