In need of a Parent

I Need To Feel The Love

If you are interested in having your own child, your in luck because I'm looking for someone to care for me. I'm in need for a loving, responsible adult that is old enough and ready for kids. I want to not be afraid to talk to you or be around you, someone who wants me around. Keep reading for more information.


What You Will Need

You should have a nice place that you are living in, like a house. You will also need a job to pay for any food and clothing that I need. I need to go to school and you will have a car incase i need to go anywhere or incase of an emergency. If your wondering if you are getting paid for this, yes, with the love that you give me i will love you right back, I will also make you cookies and other yummy things unless you are diabetic, then I'll make you a salad.


To Take Care of Me

You will have to be able to cook healthy meals for us and be able to provide for our family. You will need to know how to do laundry and dishes. I'm able to help you with those things too. If you could, helping out with my homework or any other problems I'm having it would be great to have someone do that with me. I'd love to meet you and hopefully get to know you very well.

Contact Me Using the Following

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