Njhs Journal

Norfolk Junior High

Movie Review

You should go see Ride Along because it’s really funny. At the end of the movie, Kevin Hart gets into the police academy. This movie is the funniest movie ever. The reason I choose this movie is because its funny and has a lot of action in it. The beginning of Ride Along begins with Kevin Hart playing his video game. The movie is about Kevin Hart trying to get Ice Cubes blessing to marry his sister. I recommend you to see this movie this weekend. Its really funny, and youll get a good laugh out of it.
Ride Along Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Kevin Hart, Ice Cube Movie HD

Argument #2

Agree (to shorten school week)

I agree to shorten the week because then you get more time to finish homework. You also get more weekend time and summer time. It costs school less money to run school. You also get more time with friends.

Feature Story

The history of football

What do you know about football? Did you know Walter Camp from Yale contributed soccer and rugby to football. The NFL, also known as the National Football League was made in 1920. Footballs, which are also known as a pigskin used to be made from pigs. The Pittsburgh Steelers won six Super Bowls; the most a team has ever won. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana hold the record for most Super Bowl wins as a starting quarterback for the NFL. Ameer Abdullah got 1690 rushing yards throughout the 2013-2014 season. The highest scoring game in NCAA history was the Cumberland Bulldogs 0 and Georgia Tech Engineers 222. BCS stands for the Big Championship Series. When football started you used to be able to have 11 players on a team, but now you can only have eight players. The highest paying NFL player is Donovan Mcnabb, who makes 25 million dollars.


Conner Cowling was recognized as the best defensive tackle in Cornhusker history. He won four BCS championships. He got drafted to the New York Giants and won 10 Super Bowl Championships. To start his career, he won four championships for the Norfolk Panthers. Right now, Conner is coaching the best NCAA team the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He’s making 30 thousand dollars a month. He lives in a big house in the country. He has five children named Conrad, Chelsea, Conner the second, Cooper, and Corrin. His wife is an athletic director for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. His three triplets Conrad, Conner the second, and Cooper play for the Cornhuskers. Conner the second is the quarterback, Conrad is the running back and Cooper is a defensive tackle. They are all sophomores and Conner the second has won a Heisman trophy. Cooper one an Eskimo award for the lineman, and Conrad is for sure to win the Heisman this year.

Motivational Add

Nursery Rhyme


Humpty Dumpty feel off the Wall of China and died. He was expected to be pushed by Ronald McDonald. We are guessing Ronald wanted eggs for breakfast . Humpty cracked his shell, but there was no yolk on the scene. The kings men were trying to put the shell together, but there was no use without the yolk. The crime was January 5, 1545, so if you were there please call this number (555)-444-3333, or go to the website www.find the criminal.com. Please help find Ronald McDonald.

Favorite App


Minecraft is a game where you can build cities, kill mobs, and live with villagers. Minecraft is a game where you have to collect resources all around the map and build a house. Minecraft is my favorite game because I'm good at it. I can build a whole city and it looks awesome. Minecraft has resources from dirt to diamond, but there’s a lot more resources. This app costs $6.99. Wheneve I'm not texting or on Facebook, I'm playing Minecraft. This game is really addicting.