How the Federal Court System Works


The federal system is comprised of many people with different jobs who perform each task so everyone is given fair trial or punishment based on their crime.

US Marshall

He is the enforcer, his job is to arrest and take people to jail!

US Attorney

The lawyer of the government this persons job is to prosecute those who break federal laws.

Magistrate Judges

These people decide the fate of the criminal guilty or free.


Legal thinking on why the court chose what they did.

Appellate Jurisdiction

The right to hear a case appealed from the lower court.

Life Terms

The ability for someone to leave when they please.


A leader for other judges making their decisions.


Geographic location of court of appeals.

Original Jurisdiction

Ability to hear case for the first time

District Courts

The federal court where trials are held.

Courts of Appeals

Federal court reviewing decisions of the judge.


Sending of case back to lower court to be retried.