Theresa's February Newsletter

Raven Homeschool Advisory Teacher

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Hi Families,

I learned something new about myself this past month. My body does not adjust quickly to time changes. The whole week I was in Tennessee, my body did not want to go to bed five hours early. As a result, I was staying up till 2am EST. That would not have been so terrible were it not for having to get up by 7am! After a week of that, I was a wreck. I am so glad to be back in the time zone my body is accustomed to.

How about you? Are you getting the sleep your body needs? Are you listening to its quiet cues of what you need to stay healthy, alert and strong? Are there any adjustments you need to make for yourself or maybe your children’s day?

The Importance of Sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep dumbs you down? In the article, 10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss, Camille Peri writes, “Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep hurts these cognitive processes in many ways. First, it impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. This makes it more difficult to learn efficiently. Second, during the night, various sleep cycles play a role in “consolidating” memories in the mind. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be able to remember what you learned and experienced during the day.”

So, if there is one thing you can do to improve you and your children’s thinking and learning that requires no effort-go to bed. Give yourself a treat of a good night’s sleep.

Want to know more? Check out Importance of Good Sleep at Night.

I'm Here for You

In your monthly contacts, I love hearing about your accomplishments or even concerns you may have. I’m here to cheer you on!

(This is a photo of me and my Dad during my visit last month.)