SEPT. 14- SEPT. 18, 2015


The rescheduled Fire Drill is on Tuesday afternoon at 1:45.

Grapevine articles are do to Margie by this Friday. We need at least one article from each grade level.

The Boy Scouts will make a presentation to all 1st and 2nd grade boys on Thursday at 10:00. Groups will be called down by intercom.

East Site Evacuation Drill is scheduled for October 2nd. The drill will be a full re-location to Bradley Central. We'll discuss details in team meetings and at the staff meeting on the 23rd.

Please make a concerted effort to continually update your webpages throughout the year. This is an invaluable communication tool for parents. I enjoy seeing your creative minds at work as well.

It's an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you. Have a great year.



Tuesday: Re-rescheduled Fire Drill

Wednesday: Team Meetings. CONSTITUTION DAY.

Thursday: Boy Scout Presentation

Friday: Grapevine articles due.
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