Important GAVS Dates

From Mrs. Gardner

Please read all of the newsletter below.

Hello Parents & Students,

A few deadlines are approaching this week. Please take a look below and make sure you are aware of the upcoming dates.

1. Assignment deadline --> Friday, March 29th.

2. 9th Grade Lit B/AB EOCT Registration --> Friday, March 29th.
(Mythology does not take the EOCT)

3. Teacher of the Year Nominations --> Sunday, March 31st.

4. GaVS Spring Break --> April 1st - 5th
5. Mrs. Gardner's Spring Break Shmoop Opportunity --> Friday, March 29th.

1. Assignment Deadline

Please be sure all work for the March 18th - March 29th block is turned in by midnight on Friday, March 29th.


Public School Students Will Be Notified By Their School and Will Test at Their School

Homeschoolers/Private Schoolers Need to Register for EOCT.

2. Homeschool/Private School Registration for the 9th Lit B/AB EOCT

Private & Homeschoolers must register to take the EOCT! Public school students will be notified about testing dates/times by individual schools.

Registration Deadline-Friday, March 29 , 2013

EOCT Test Date-Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Be sure to take the survey to register.

HOME SCHOOL AND PRIVATE SCHOOL STUDENTS, who are currently enrolled in the AB or B sections of a GaVS course, which by the state of Georgia, requires an End of Course Test (EOCT) MUST complete the registration survey. Click HERE to view list of EOCT courses.


  • The EOCT is your final exam. If you miss the EOCT test your final grade will NOT be released.
  • EOCT information will be sent to your personal email account, not your GaVS email.
  • Test site location/time of test will be emailed two weeks prior to the May 7 EOCT test date.

3. Teacher of the Year Nominations

Each year, Georgia Virtual School recognizes one teacher who has excelled in his or her commitment and contribution to our students, school, and online education.

Students, parents, facilitators, teachers and staff will nominate for the ToTY between March 1 and March 31.

If you believe that you know a teacher who should be recognized as Teacher of the Year, please complete the nomination form.

Thanks for your time!

4. GAVS Spring Break Policy

GaVS will be on spring break April 1st - April 5th. During this time, teachers may not be grading work. No work is scheduled for the week of spring break. If you want to observe another week for spring break, the GAVS work must be submitted on time, no exceptions. Many students work ahead so they can take another week off. Many students work through the GAVS spring break in order to observe another week. Regardless, GaVS work is due as it states on the course schedule. Extensions for spring break will not be granted.

5. Shmoop Classroom Opportunity

You may have noticed instructions for joining our Shmoop classroom. If you join the Shmoop classroom before Spring Break begins, you will have the opportunity to perform extra learning opportunities that will earn you extra points. More information about how to do this will be coming soon, but you must join the Shmoop classroom by March 29th. Directions for doing this are on the course homepage.