Internet Safety

Learn how to be safe of the internet .


it not always safe when you go on the internet.The are some bad site, and site that ask for you personal you tell them or do you do the right things. if a website ask for your phone number of email you DON'T give it to them .everybody could see them and contact YOU.also do not post were you are going to a persific location because somebody doggie can trace were your going.

do and don't

DON'T put you phone number on the internet.

DON'T share to the internet were you are going.

DON'T give the internet your email.

DO set you privacy setting to what your comfortable with .

DO be safe on the web .

DONT share where YOU LIVE

What to do if you see somebody being suspicious online...

if you see somebody being online like sending you messages online or stalking your profile go to or chat to somebody and tell them what is happend or contact the police. And if you are being cyber bullied .


REMEMBER dont share any personal information like were you live where your going or your email or number .