Other Media Types

misselanious things that dont fall in to the other groups

Speciality Media

Must have the team or organizations logo on it.
Needs to be a useful item towards the team or organization.
Needs to be given away.
Or another word you could call it "SWAG"
Examples: Baseball caps, pens, water bottles and etc.

Directory advertising

Informs people how to contact a particular business.
Examples: yellow pages target a specific geographic area, while other directories target a specific college or university.

Human Billboards

They are people that have tattoos on there body to show companies and advertising there products.
They can appear on there foreheads, arms, cheeks and etc.

Product Placement

Product Placement is brands that pop up in movies or shows and even in computer games.
Examples: James Bonds always flies British airways and Bruce Wayne drives Lamborghinies