by Isabella E 3D

Emus by Isabella E 3D

Emus are large, native flightless Australian birds. The scientific name for an emu is Dromaius Novahollandiae.

Emus live in plains and floodlands in large flocks. Emus eat the fleshy fruit and leaves off parakeelya plants.The major predator of an adult emus are dingoes.

In the north of Australia, emus drinking at waterholes can be taken by crocodiles.

Emus have also been hunted by aboriginal people as food. Emus lay seven to eleven eggs in a clutch. The emu chicks hatch about eight weeks after the eggs were laid.The male emu looks after the chicks until they are at least six months old.Baby emus have striped feathers, they lose these feathers after three to five months.