Bites of Apple

Tech News and Notes- 5/13/15

Tech Tips and News


  • The last day for iPad Take Home is Wednesday, June 3rd. We need to start our end of the year inventory so the iPads need to be back in the building by Thursday, June 4th.
  • All classrooms will have access to the student iPads until the last day of school.
  • You can start to update your iPads in your classrooms. The latest iOS for the iPads is 8.3. You can read more about the updates HERE if you need additional details or instructions.


Chatterpix is a free app that allows you to make any picture speak! Students can take or upload a picture, choose where to put the mouth and record themselves giving it a voice! It is fun and super simple to use.
Noisedown is a free app that sounds an alarm when your classroom noise goes over a certain decibel. The decibel level is decided by you.