August 2021 ~Welcome Back~

To honor the Black community and all of those who share a responsibility

in the education of African American youth.

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August General Meeting

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Legislative Updates

"Critical Race Theory Bill 2.0"

Thought HB 3979 was BAD, well here comes his big brother SB 3!!!

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Treasurers Tips

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Positive News in the Black Community!

Atlanta Teens Win International Debate Competition

Jayla Jackson, 16 and Emani Stanton, 17, made history last week as the first Black female duo to win the Harvard Debate Council‘s international annual summer competition.

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Teacher Spotlight

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Anna Mackey; M.Ed.

Campus: Guinn Special Programs Subject

Grades taught: English; 6th & 7th

Personal teaching statement: I hope to be regarded as a teacher who deposits seeds into the lives of students to prepare them to not only dream big, but to actually achieve their biggest dream. So, I consider, “What seeds are pivotal to impact the life of middle school students even in adulthood?” From the seed that instills hope when they are faced with discomfort, the seed that provides confidence when faced with uncertainty, the seed that equips them with knowledge to create a life of opportunity, and the seed to think critically to make meaningful decisions, I seek to empower students to know they are capable of becoming the best version of themselves.

Why you chose the field of education: I chose the field of education because I wanted to emulate a life that paralleled my “School Angels” when I was a student. Physically scarred and emotionally defeated, I would catch the bus every morning to go to my safe haven of “School Angels” known as my teachers. It was as if they were gifted with a potion to make a young girl forget all about pain and to focus on joy and happiness through learning. I was able to escape feelings of loneliness and helplessness and experience feelings of importance and belonging every day. So, being an educator ensures that I, too, can be a “School Angel” for students who need to be seen, heard, and loved the most.

District Updates

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PAABSE's new Board Positions!

Congratulations our new Board Positions

Recording Secretary Fern Johnson

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Corresponding Secretary Kenya Forrest

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Social Media Chair Rosolayn Johnson

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President Elect Ashley Washington

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TABSE Updates

What is TABSE?

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AMBA Helps You Help Educators

Campaign Code: tabseleads

For a limited time, AMBA is matching all donations to K-12 TABSE educators’ projects! Donate to a project now and make your #FundsGoFurther!

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Color of Education

FREE event for educators, students, and #racialequity advocates. Join us and help spread the word about Color of Education 2021.

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The Call for Proposals is now open for the TABSE Texas 37th Annual State Conference to be held in Dallas, TX February 9-13, 2022! Accepted presenters are required to register for the conference at a discounted rate. Email questions to

NABSE and Curriculum Associates are strategic partners in supporting the growth and success of black leaders in education. To this end, Curriculum Associates has made possible a $10,000 scholarship to a qualified NABSE member pursing an advanced degree in educational leadership. The details and application for submission can be found at the link in the button above; the deadline for submission is 9/30/21

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Monthly Motivational Music

Back To School Song

Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators

Plano Area Alliance of Black School Educators is an organization of Educators and those who support education working with Kindergarten through twelfth grade students to enhance their academic performance in pursuit to becoming productive citizens.