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September 11, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Sept. 15 - "Old School" Curriculum Night for parents 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (Pizza in conference room at 5:00)
  • Monday, Sept. 21 - Student Senate Field Trip
  • Tuesday, Sept. 22 - Fundraiser Orders Due
  • Thursday, Sept. 24 - Pep Rally @ 2:49 p.m.
  • Friday, Sept. 25 - Student Dance - 5th/6th grade dance 5:30-7:00 and 7th/8th grade dance 7:30-9:30
  • Saturday, Oct. 3 - Fall Festival 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Curriculum Night

This is just a reminder that next Tuesday, September 15th, will be our "Old School" Curriculum Night, so please plan accordingly. All staff will need to be there no later than 5:45 (pizza provided in the Conference Room at 5:00). This is a great time to make a great impression with parents. Parents will follow their child's schedule and have 10 minutes in each of your classes, where you will talk to them about what their child will be learning in your class this year, what to expect from your class, homework and class info, tutoring days/ times, ways to help their child at home, etc.

A digital presentation can make a great impression. If you want to look for new ideas to use, you can go to and look under the web 2.0 tools for presentation tools, or you can ask Kelly and I and we can give you some ideas.

Curriculum Night Schedule

6:00 - First Bell - Report to your child's first period class.

6:04-6:14 - 1st Period

6:17-6:27 - 2nd Period

6:30-6:40 - 3rd Period

6:43-6:53 - 4th Period

6:57-7:07 - 5th Period

7:10-7:20 - 6th Period

7:23-7:33 - 7th Period


Shout-Out to Amanda Schroeder and Abby Rogers for gamifying their classes! Swing by sometime and ask them what they are doing if you are interested in gamifying your classes.

Shout-Out to all of the teachers who are using technology and cooperative learning in their classroom! It is awesome to see the students engaged, talking, sharing ideas, and being self-directed learners.


PLC meetings (Professional Learning Communities) start next week with math! We are excited to provide you time during the school day to meet with your subject-area team to discuss effective teaching strategies, review data, and discuss the great things you are doing. Ryan or Kelly will meet with your PLC during your first meeting to help get you started and will pop in and out of your meetings throughout the year. As the year goes on, please give us feedback and let us know if you find this time to be effective and purposeful. Our goal is to give you all time together to share ideas. Let Ryan or Kelly know if you or your team have any questions. Click the button below to access this year's PLC schedule.
PLC Schedule 2015-2016

Click this button to access this year's PLC schedule.

Twitter Quote of the Week

Always do what's best for students regardless of what those around you are doing!

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Staff Challenge/ Professional Development

Something to keep in mind: Posting lesson objectives/ learning goals on the board only has value if kids understand them and they are referred to.

This week's challenge is to add one thing of value for your colleagues to the #vamsteach.

Saturday School Reminders

Just a reminder that if you send a student to Saturday School, please communicate with Pat. She will need a copy of exactly what the student will be working on. Most of the time, the students show up without their work, so provide Pat with a clean copy and directions of what you are expecting the student to complete. You may also send Pat an email if you would like. You are welcome to send Pat work for a student even if you are not the teacher referring the student to Saturday School. Saturday School is a great opportunity for students to get caught up in all of their classes and have a fresh start on Monday. If you have any questions or concerns, ask Pat or Kelly,
Click to submit your Outstanding Student Nomination

Either individually, or as a team, please nominate a student for Outstanding Student. This needs to be submitted by Wednesday, September 16th. If it is a team decision, please indicate that.