6th Grade Reading & Technology

August 17, 2015

Reading Plus 4.0 is Underway!

Students have taken, or are in the process of taking, a diagnostic Reading Plus test to determine a starting level for the year. Once the diagnostic is taken, a reading level is determined for your child. In order to guarantee quick success, the program is designed to place students two levels BELOW their independent reading level. Your child can level up quickly by completing the ten weekly assignments and scoring at least 80% on comprehension quizzes. In class, we will spend half of the ninety minute block on Reading Plus, but students CAN, and should, also work from home. Usernames AND passwords are your child's student number. Students will earn a comprehension grade as well as a completion grade.

HAC and MS Office 365 Information

Last Friday, students were sent home with three important papers. One was related to the purchase of a yearbook, another was a schedule for Thursday night's Open House (Aug. 20), and the third was a hot green sheet on which your child's HAC (Home Access Center) and Microsoft Office 365 log-in information was provided. The log-in for those two programs is the same. We want students to know this log-in information so they can take responsibility for monitoring their grades. We will be using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2013 in our class, and we want to be sure that students have access to those programs at home. You can load Office 365 on your home computer for free. Let me know if you have any questions.

Don't forget to use BrainPop at home!

Switzerland Point Middle School has a subscription to BrainPop. Many of our students are already familiar with this site, and I would like to remind all of you to think of BrainPop to help with your academic questions, or just for fun! Our username is swisspoint, and our password is raiders.

Some of our favorite sites!