Monthly Newsletter

Our Mission:

The Langston High Physical Education Program is dedicated to supplying students with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to obtain a physically active, healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide a fun, energetic and comfortable atmosphere for all students so that they can develop a passion for their health and well-being. We want our students to leave high school with the knowledge and discipline to maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Three Keys to Health

What Has Been Happening in Ms. Naylor's Class?

This month we are focusing on various ways to prepare for activities and prevent muscle injuries. Each week we will be discussing a different topic that will help the students to learn about the proper techniques for preparing themselves for athletic activities, as well as the best ways to prevent injury.

  • Week 1: A well balanced diet (Bring a healthy snack)
  • Week 2: Sleep (Monitor sleeping habits)
  • Week 3: Stretching (Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!)
  • Week 4: What to do if you are injured (RICE)

Up-Coming Events

  • Junk Day: April 8, 2013

Have old athletic/exercise equipment and want to get rid of it? Come out and help support out physical education program by donating your used "junk"!

  • Demo Night: April 19, 2013

Come join us for a night of fellowship as I show off the students and the lessons that really go on in the classroom.

  • Family Picnic Day: April 23, 2013
The Physical Education department at Langston High School will be hosting a community picnic day. Bring your family and come out and join us for food, fun and fellowship.

Simple Easy Stretches

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Monthly Goals:

  1. Learn the habits of a well balanced diet.
  2. Get an adequate amount of sleep every night.
  3. Learn basic stretching and yoga exercises that will help decrease risk of getting muscle injuries.
  4. Learn how to care for an injury.
  5. Teach someone something you have learned in class.