The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Created by:Cheyenne Claude 2nd period

Book Summary

A young boy named Jonas lives in a balanced, non-colored, delight filled city where there is no information of affection or agony. Whenever Jonas and his closest friends Asher and Fiona are moving on from their youth, Jonas is been selected The Receiver of Memories. Because of this, he meets a man named The Giver. While he visits The Giver, they take a gander at memories of past world, feel torment, and feel love. While Jonas offers his memories, and gets in a bad position. At the point when Jonas visits The Giver one day, he finds that a young man he names Gabriel, will be "released". Jonas tries to spare him.

Main Characters

Jonas is a young boy who is nervous about the Ceremony of Twelve, when he will receive the Assignment, or job, that he will spend the rest of his life doing. Jonas often perceives flashes of “change" when he looks at an object; he does not realize that he is perceiving color, which disappeared once the community went over to “Sameness." At the ceremony, Jonas is chosen to become the new Receiver, a prestigious Assignment that consists of keeping all of the old memories of the community from before the time of the “Sameness."

Other Characters

Favorite Qoutes

“We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others.”

Teacher-like Questions

1)What happens to the Giver, does he immediately ask for a "release"?

2)How does Jonas' parents react once they found out they cannot find Jonas?

3)Does everybody in the Community rebel Committee of Elders?

Overall rating

I liked how The Giver and Jonas planned the escape and didn't get caught.

I disliked the limited interactions between the Communities people.