Ethics Examples -09/30/16

by Lianna Velazquez


story time

this cop was patrolling his area noticed some kids having story time he has been patrolling that area for a while and he just casually stopped to have some story time with the kids to what they said was the best story time and it was a day they will remember

safe travels

this family was traveling from Canada to Virginia they have not stopped to get a sleeping break but when they could not travel anymore they stop to the side of the road and get pulled over but instead of giving him a ticket he payed for the man, his wife and two kids to stay in a hotel for the night

shoes for good

this police officer gave his shoes and socks away to a homeless man who was shoe-less and and in the winter too the police officer went to a skechers and got him a pair of shoes and offered coffee but the homeless man gratefully declined and the homeless man had his very own pair of shoes

breakfast on the house

one morning one particular police officer bought breakfast for the homeless in his patrolling area and he handed breakfast to the needy


pool part gone wrong

"i can't breath"

riot to spray

one afternoon there was a peaceful riot and the police officers got a overwhelmed with it and started getting rough with the people and ended up using excessive use of pepper spray as you can see in the picture

shots to death

this police officer said he feared for his like because the man he shot was pointing a gun at him when clearly he was not he was shooting 8 times to be exact and the guy he shot he had no guns or any threat to him

what do you feel we can improve the quality of people that we hire in these powerful positions? what rules or hiring requirements would you make applicants do to get hired?

i feel that we can make them live in the poorest or "hood" neighborhoods for a few months and feel and experience how the "hood" people live and to make them know what they are up against. what rules i would make is to make community service twice a week or month just too keep inn touch with the roots of the city and/or to know their areas more.