A Year AT Glance

Well Here We go...

About ME

I am sixteen. My favorite color is teal. I live in Texas. My Name is Cari.
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Dream Vacation

My Dream Vacation would be to go somewhere really green or colorful or both and it would be cloudy and raining all the time. I would live in a place high off the ground and most of my walls would be made out of glass. I Would have unlimited Pandora!!!! It would always be playing in tne background. P.S. I always run out of Pandora time appearently 40hrs. is not enough. "/ :D
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Year at a Glance

This Year Was Very Different. I made alot of friends and I stayed friends with all of them. My friends are older which suprises me as well ; Many of them are moving and graduating. "( I could have tried harder in school ,but I didn't this year but i have next year!
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