Summer of Wisconsin WildLife!

by Kaylie

In Wisconsin

My grandparents love wildlife so they Love nature! I always learn something new! This year I helped out with the BioBlitz! We learned a lot about bats, stars, water life, plant life and more! I helped out with the Water life one! We learned what lives in the water and different plants! It was fun. I think this science is Earth Science. We saw many animals and plants! It was amazing

My favorite part

One of the most interesting things was the wildlife! Everywhere I went was a home to an animal. I saw a treefrog one the side of my grandparents house, a lot of mayflies, cows, horses, deer, owls and many birds. I loved learning about every animal!

Three things about me

1. I have 1 sister, two Australian Shepherds (dogs) that have their own Instagram, and a mom and dad!

2. I love riding horses, I've been riding for 7 years and have a quarter horse named Dixie. I also play soccer!

3. I love science. My mom was a science teacher and I've always been interested in science!