What is a Hero?

Choose someone you consider to be a hero.

What is a hero?

Choose someone you consider to be a hero and come up with 5 question you would like to answer about them that explains who they are, some of their background and what they have done or been through that explains why you see them as a hero.

Who is the person you chose?

The person I chose is Michael Jackson.

Why did you choose him/her?

I chose Michael Jackson because he is really nice, he showed love and happiness to his family and his children, even to other people that's not his relative.

What did that person do to be a hero like to you?

Michael Jackson is a hero to me and also to other people because he loves his family, he loves his children, he loves people whoever they are even though its his or not his relative. Michael also donated money's to charity's and once Michael Jackson and his friend Lionell Ricchie performed in an all star single back then to help the people in Africa because of the Droughts.

What do you think inspired that person to be like a hero?

Michael Jackson got inspired because of his family, his children and the people.

What is his personality?

Michael Jackson is a humble person, and he shows Wisdom, Courage, Truth, Honesty, Humility, Freedom, and Love, to everybody, Michael cares for anybody that needs help, he helped people by donating money's in charity's. He is also a loving father to his children's.