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Ever since I was a kid, I always had a few weeks at the new year where I'd write down the previous year instead of the new year. In fact, when I typed 1.18.16, I actually typed 1.18.15 first when writing this Monday Memo. I remember back when we wrote real checks, instead of using a debit card, having issues writing the old year.....then scratching it out and putting the current year. Admit it, you've done it too. I'll get the new year habit in a couple of days.
Forget big change, start with a tiny habit: BJ Fogg at TEDxFremont
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As Jean said to us last Wednesday, there isn't any federal ARRA dollars to help subsidize and relieve school districts. This isn't a federal economy problem, it's an Oklahoma economy problem where it is based on oil and gas revenues. Our personal pocketbooks like to see $1.37 a gallon gas (I think it was that low in the late 90's), but State services, agencies and school district are fully dependent on price-per-gallon oil and experience revenue failures at that price.

Unfortunately, a fiscal windfall doesn't appear to be coming and we're going to have to tighten the belt a notch, or two, or three. We can kiss any maintenance dollars goodbye, and the District will absorb the full costs of replacement, installation, and configuration on any equipment that fails under these regrettable circumstances. Keep your fingers crossed that we get good numbers when we roll the dice.

IT Leadership/Governance has started the process of identifying the 'must haves'. Please submit your cost savings ideas to your team leader. I know you've heard this, as it's almost trite: "we've got to do more with less".

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ITIL Change Management

Change Management is absolutely essential with regard to ITIL best practices for running an IT organization. OMES will be coming in the next few weeks to explain their journey, their process, and their benefits as a result of instituting and religiously following change control techniques. As large as an Enterprise that we are, there is no reason we can't follow IT organization practices like that of Deven, Chesapeake, and OU Health Science Center.
The benefits of ITIL Change Management

Spaghetti Cook Off - Sign Up

Here is the link for the Spaghetti Cook Off on Feb 12th. I got a killer sauce!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope you enjoy and reflect on your day off (past tense if you read this on Tuesday). Take a few minutes and watch the inspirational I Have A Dream speech. It's still just as powerful now as it was then.
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech