FIber News!

By: Sydney James

Why do we need fiber?

Fiber slows down the rate that sugar is absored. Whenever you eat foods such as beans and whole grains, the sugar from them is absored slower which helps with keeping you blood glucose levels from rising. Also fiber makes your intestines move fast which helps with tellin gyou that you are full. Never foreget to eat foods with fiber so you can keep your body healthy

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Benefits when you have a high-fiber diet.

It help keeps your cholesterol level low, and helps your body control blood sugar levels. WIth fiber suppplements you can lose weight, can help with acne. Eating a high fiber diet can reduce heart attackes by 40%.

Fun interesting facts!

  • it is only found in plant foods, so that means meat and dairy items have zero fiber.
  • the more fiber you include in your diet the more water you need to drink to help the fiber move through your digestive system.
  • fiber is sometimes called as "natures broom" becuase it helps clean out the intestines.
  • Also it is called Carbohydrates


It will keep you going,keep you strong.. Put fiber in your diet. It will stay with you all day long.

when you consume either too much or too little

You may be asking yourself, What happens if i were not consuming any to little fiber. Well to anser that question when you dont consume enough or not at all, you will see a huge difference in wieght gain. If you have diabetes and you are having a hard time maintaing your blood sugar, it could be that you are not eating enough foods with fibers. Also if you consume to much fiber you can start to feel bloated and have cramps. The bloating and cramping goes away after your body gets use to you eating so much fiber.

Function Of Fiber

the fuction of fiber is super simple it helps your body and yourself feel full faster which can help with controlling your wieght.