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The KAOSPILOT, the progressive business, design & leadership school in Denmark, will for the first time run it's highly acclaimed 3 day experience design immersion in San Francisco. The course will help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. You will leave with the modern toolbox for understanding, designing and leading the delivery of transformational experiences.
Kaospilots Experience Design Course

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*We will select the intimate group of 24 based upon diversity, and potential of participants ability to grow as designers and leaders through the program.


This training is aimed to help you create multiple layers of value in every experience you design. Personally, through helping you evolve your own design leadership. For you customers and employees, through designing experience that spark connection and drive transformation and for society as a whole, through communicating and acting with purpose in the experiences you lead.

Our human-centered approach will enables you to lead innovation through the complexity of human systems. You will leave this training more confident in your ability to lead organizations towards what is truly meaningful!


The program is built on the signature Kaospilot training approach that dynamically combines practice, reflection and theory. It’s an immersive training where you will learn through getting and creating experiences. You get the opportunity to practice your craft as a design leader, and apply the skills directly real challenges. You will radically strengthen your ability as a designer to drive organizations, technologies, products and cultures into becoming agents of positive change. You’ll learn a language and frameworks that enables you to create experiences that drive connection and transformation.



This program is for people, who want to gain confidence in leading the experience design process. It is for those who dare to ask the questions that are needed in order to create truly meaningful experiences for your customers, employees, and society.

  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers and or participants in trainings you lead.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers/employees to make them more meaningful, creative & engaging, and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You work professionally as the Head of Experience, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Experience Strategy... but you want a new and bold perspective on your work.
  • You are consultant or change facilitator that wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences.
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  • Meaningful Experience Design – Learn how to plan and execute experiences that meaningfully engage your team and audience.
  • Purpose Driven Development – Learn to lead your teams to work faster and create more impact through using purpose as a guiding organizing principal in the experience your create.
  • Lean Design Approach – Learn to get tangible feedback fast, test your assumptions and make better your experiences continually better.
  • Engagement Strategies – Learn to consistently engage yourself, your team, and ultimately your end users in the employee or customer experiences you design.

    Read the full program description here.

    If you have any questions about the content of the training, contact the program designer and facilitator - Andy Sontag: aso@kaospilot.dk


The Laundry is an experiential space fostering creativity, connection, and community. The makers of The Laundry believe that creativity makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling and they strive to make a special place for creators to build and share their creative endeavors. The Laundry is an art gallery, event space, and cafe. The space inspires creativity, connection, and community, while featuring unique artwork, installations, and the warm, rustic charm of exposed brick and reclaimed wood.
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The training will be held October 21st - 23rd 2020.

The days will be from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm with ample breaks.


$1950 -

*We have a 20% discount if you come with a group of 3+.

*We also offer a limited number of discounts to educators, non-profits and social enterprises. If you are interested reach out to the host Pim Schachtschabel: pim@sherlocked.nl


  • The full 3-day training
  • A method booklet, + digital landing package with all slides, and models presented
  • Curated immersive experiences from our partners
  • Joining a global alumni community of other experience designers
  • Tea/coffee, brain food snacks during the training
  • Three lunches

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*We will select the intimate group of 24 based upon diversity, and potential of participants ability to grow as designers and leaders through the program.


Kaospilots is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our teaching programs are not designed simply to shape emergent leaders to the future, but to help them create it.

We focus on people’s potential to develop and to achieve – to use their creativity and set direction, and create the setting which allows them to navigate the uncertainty that follows. We guide creatives and potential change-makers to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies they need to full their values and visions. We build the frameworks that support creative minds to become creative leaders. Over the years, KAOSPILOT has worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide – from Greenland to South Africa.

BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as "one of the best design schools in the world", and Fast Company has named it in its Startup League's Big 10, "preparing you for the fast moving startup economy".

Kaospilot in Harvard Business Review

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Innovative educational experiences

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The Kaospilot Experience Design Immersion stands out as probably the best 3 days of training or professional education that I've ever undertaken.

  • Kate Holzman, Deputy Director of Direct Impact, Echoing Green

Learning about the potential of transformational experience design and now applying it to my daily work is helping transform our organization!

  • Daniele, Brand Experience Manager, Volkswagen

The Kaospilot experience design workshop helped our teams gain a different perspective on what it means to design meaningful experiences. What is it that really matters? How does it feel? What does it change? It was both inspirational and motivating.

  • Patrick Schenck, adidas

I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running. I left with a fantastic experience concept, and now I am back in São Paulo making it a reality with my Brazilian team. ...in short: a life changing experience!

  • Luisa Bernardes Martini, Flag CX

The most valuable course I ever joined…

  • Stefan Michels, Head of Customer Dialog at ALDI



Andy works with talented producers and experience production teams globally to create the sought after Kaospilot Experience Design learning experience immersions. He is the lead facilitator and program Manager for the Kaospilot Experience Design Profession Course.


Pim is the founder of Sherlocked; an award winning experience design company that created one of the best escape-rooms in the world. As a trained architect he masters experience design through a unique perspective. He recently moved from Amsterdam to the Bay-Area and is creating his magic here in San Francisco.


Ting Kelly has long been an inspiration and leader in terms of using experience design to innovate human systems! Ting designs transformative experiences for global leaders looking to shift paradigms in culture, wellness and technology.


Jenny is passionate about creating transformational human-to-human experiences that prioritize connection over content. She offers in-depth Scaling Intimacy trainings in her methodology, and has created programs for companies such as Airbnb, Google, Dropbox, and Genentech.


For this San Francisco edition we are partnering with the people from Sherlocked Mystery experiences. Sherlocked has created two amazing experiences within the new, but ragingly popular ‘escape room’ style. We’ll get the expertise of mystery and enchantment for this 3-day experience.


We are super lucky to partner with LATE NITE ART, and have founder Adam Rosendahl create an experience for all participants! LATE NITE ART delivers unique learning and development programs for companies, government agencies, and conferences around the globe. Over the course of 100 minutes, their expert facilitators guide participants through a process of creative risk-taking, group dialogue, problem-solving, and storytelling. Their methodology has helped build psychological safety and develop creative confidence inside 100+ companies across 12 countries.

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*We will select the intimate group of 24 based upon diversity, and potential of participants ability to grow as designers and leaders through the program.