Frisco Should Have A six flags!!!

By: Rachel B. & Sabrina A.


Frisco has been in the need for a little more Amusement. This will benefit our city in many ways. Like money, population , and jobs. Still not convents? Read this!!

First point

Our city Frisco has gone to desperate mode. WE NEED MONEY!!!! Our city has been needing to raise taxes because of how much money our city has thrown down the trash shoot!!! Ya, it would cost quit a lot for us to build an Six Flags, but in the end we would have earned from people visiting then when we built it.

second point

If you give our city money to build an Six Flags our city would increase in population. Why you ask? Because some visitors would look at house and most of them would buy one. Which gives us even lower taxes because of our higher population.

third point

If we are given the money for an Six Flags then our city would have a lot of entertainer. Yes, we all know that is A LOT of money to run both soccer fields a soccer stadium, and an Six Flags. Just think about the jobs people would have. You would be giving teens, adults in school, and adults that aren't able to get any better jobs to have a chance to have a fun, good job that they will love to come to every day.


Jobs, population, and money are all benefits from building an amusement park. i promise you that you will not be mad about giving our city money for an Six Flags.
Six Flags "It's Playtime" commercial