Howl at The Trail

Weekly Update November 15, 2015

Weekly Reminders


Panthers Victory #9 - Free Jeans Today


9:00-3:00 - Google Questions-issues-concerns Computer Lab E-104


8:20-8:50 Beta Club Practice (Cafeteria)

3:35 PM –Grade level, department, committee meetings

6:00 - Fort Mill School Board Work Session


Box Top Winners Lunch

PTO will be cooking hot dogs for the class on each grade level who one (Webster, Merriman, ROSS) Cookout will be in the courtyard.


8th GRADE FACS Cupcake Challenge

6:00 BETA Club Induction


PJ Day
Students pay $2 to wear PJs to school


Kids Cook Competition - Time and Place TBD

Probable Daily Schedule Changes

November 25 ½ Day

December 21 - Tentative Dodge Ball Tournament

December 22 ½ Day

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November 17-Kirk Godbey

November 22-Cheryl Bauer

Faculty Focus

Thanks to Tami, Emily and Maggie for helping our school update our Mission and belief.

Thanks to Rebecca, Pryia, and Townsend for your help simplifying Standard 2.

Peggy, Melanie, and Julie Anne, thanks for your help with Standard 3.

Thanks to Tabatha, Sahalja and Legreta for organizing Standard 4 into a much more understandable format.

Thanks to David,Kirk, Terry, Jessica, Julie Anne, Amy, and out BTMS students for putting together a Super Veterans' Day Program.

Awesome Career Fair on Friday. Thanks to Jeanette and Townsend

Nuts and Bolts

Beta Club - we need your help. This Tuesday and Next Tuesday - students in Beta Club need to be dismissed to meet. After November 19 - Beta club will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month during Power Period.

Clubs -

Please use this time on Mondays and Wednesdays to form some meaningful connections with these students outside of a normal class setting. There are no grades and no pressures with clubs, so please enjoy this time with your groups. The purpose behind club time is to build healthy relationship and create opportunities to connect with students. We want every student in this building to have at least one adult that they are comfortable enough to go to should they ever need anything. What you do for our students day in and day out has such a huge impact on their lives. This is another opportunity to form new layers to those relationships. I understand the chaos of a Monday morning and how easy it would be to use this time for any number of other tasks.

Please pour that same energy and enthusiasm that we see in your teaching into these clubs and create something that will energize both you and your students.

Thought of the Week

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Students at BTMS Work Hard, Have Fun, Show Integrity!