Madison B.


An adult wax worm has designs on his wings that look like big or extra eyes. It also has camouflage that makes it blends in. You can not always see the moths, it is some times on trees or it is on the ground. A moth has dark colors and a butterfly has bright colors.

What Moths Eat

Wax worms eat honey and sugar. They also like to eat honey. They eat almost anything in beehives. The larva eat dried original oatmeal and honey on it. An adult moth eats nectar. Larva like eating wool and your clothes and what ever they can get into their mouth.

Moths Enemies

A moths enemy is a wasp because it lays eggs on the larva. When the baby wasp hatch from their egg the wasp eat the larva alive. Another enemy is the bat because moths are awake at night and so the bat while ate it up. Another enemy is the bird. It spots the moth and eats it when it is sleeping!

Life Cycle

The first stage of a wax worm is a egg. A egg is as tiny as a pin head. After the egg hatches it is a larva. It eats the leaves. After it eats a lot and gets really fat it turns in to a papa. Finally it comes out of its papa and it is a moth. Then the moths mate female and male and the female lays the eggs. Then the male dies and the life cycle starts all over again.

Interesting Facts

Their nickname is bee moth. They eat pollen and shed skin from bees! They chew though beeswax. The larva have no lungs. There are more then 10,000 moths. Moth can be as small as a pencil tip. There are moths bigger then a song bird! A moths wing span can be as 30 centimeters. A male moth can smell a female 7 miles away!