Let's Crush Bullying

What children can do to stop bullying

Some Strategies to Stop Bullying

What can children do if being bullied? They can do many things to prevent bullying. First of all, they should ignore when someone is verbally hurting them. Another thing they can do is stay in groups. Bullies normally pick on children who are not in groups so they will not get in trouble. Then they try to threaten them.

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Where People get Bullied

Bullying happens everywhere. It`s not that bullying only happens in school, bullying could happen at home as well. An older brother or sister could also be a bully.
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No. 1. Bullies normally pick on children who are alone and have less or no friends. So always try to make friends, and stay with them. No. 2. If you are getting bullied always tell a trusted adult. Some good examples of trusted adults are a parent, a teacher in school or if the situation gets worse, tell a principal. No. 3 If you are getting bullied on the internet, never tell the bully your name your address, your school or the city you live in. No. 4. Ignore when a bully is verbally saying something bad about you. You know who you are and you can be whoever you want . You are in charge of yourself. You decide who you are.

Types Of Bullying

There are 4 types of bullying, Physical Bullying, (when someone is physically hurting you. Examples are kicking, punching and poking). Verbal bullying ( when someone is saying something bad about you behind your back also called insults).Social Bullying (when a group of people are spreading rumors about you). Cyber Bullying ( When someone on the internet is saying bad things about you).