Dia de los muertos

Jaquelyn Duarte

Dia de los muertos is a mexican tradition that honors the dead.It is celibrated in Spain,Central South America,U.S.A.,California,New mexico,Arizona,Guerrero,and Oaxaca.Guerrero and Oaxaca are states with the largest comunity that celibrate it.


Graves of the dead are decorated with flowers,skulls,and food.When people do parades they dress up in costumes of the dead.Then they paint there faces likee skulls and carry crosses.


Altars are made to honor the lives of the people that died.Traditionaly


When people do parades they paint their faces and carry crosses.They also dress up in costumes of the dead.

My Altar

Johnny was my little cousin.He had special needs and couldn't do alot of things for himself.He enjoyed people's company.His favorite food was mac and cheese and he liked to watch cartoons.He was born Nov.23 1995 and passed away on May 15 2009.