The Monkey's Paw

The horrifying experiences

Boy dies in cotton machine!

One afternoon a man receives a monkey's paw from a soldier. Mr. White is a father of a son who works in a cotton factory around the block from their home. The afternoon the father told us, he said, "I wish for 200 pounds but I never knew what would happen the next day."

The father went on, "A man showed up to my home with me and my wife waiting for our son to come home, but instead a man from the factory showed up and gave us horrible news." The man from the factory calmly explain that their son died and the family would receive 200 pounds.

The mother from the family

The family returned home from their sons miserable funeral, and the wife wanted their son back from the dead. The husband was forced into making a wish that he regretted because the wife forced him into it. The man explained "My own wife wanted me to wish our son back, I knew that it was not a very good idea but I did it because I trusted her. Soon after I wished for him back while me and my wife was laying in bed I heard knocks on our door." The husband continued his story, "My wife went down our stairs and I followed behind her but I regretted my decision and wished for him to stay dead." The husband didn't want to continue his story.