Course Update

SAT Prep and American Literature


Hi Parents, Grades have been updated. Remember that you can login as your student to view the most recent and up-to-date grades. You will also be able to see specific assignments and feedback. If you login as a parent user, you will only be able to see an overall average which is updated on Wednesday each week.

Need Help?

GAVS has a Help Desk area to assist you with any questions you may have. It provides troubleshooting tips and and answers to commonly asked questions. Here is a link to the database:

Winter Break

Please keep in mind that GAVS does not observe a winter break. Students are still expected to complete and submit assignment on time even if they are on break. If a student wants to take off for their winter break, they must work ahead.

Help us remind students that they need to use their GAVS email to communicate with their instructors!