Verona times

When will Verona regain its peace?

Tragic Brawl

Yesterday afternoon, under the sweltering sun of Verona tempers once again flared, once again the two well respected households The Montague's and The Capulet's clashed leaving the streets and citizens of Verona shocked and fearful. This tragic event left its mark by taking the life of two noble household members Tybalt (Capulet) and Mercutio (Montague), it also resulted in the banishment of young Montague Romeo.

The residents of Verona were left grieving this afternoon when the news about the deaths of Mercutio a friend to all Montague's as well as the death of Tybalt a well respected Capulet spread through the quiet city. A statement from the prince of Verona later confirmed the banishment of Romeo (Montague) "For that, he's banished. I wont listen to you complain. Romeo should get out of here, or he'll be killed".


Eye witness, Benvolio (Montague) upset and distraught told our broadcasters " Tybalt started the brawl. Romeo asked him to stop as he didn't want to disturb the peace, but Tybalt fought anyway. Romeo tried to stop them and got in the way ( of Tybalt and Mercutio) then Tybalt drew his sword and stabbed Mercutio under Romeo's arm. Tybalt made a swift exit but Romeo chased after him and Killed him before I could stop him".


There is still a lot of speculation surrounding the event as innocent citizens of Verona are left to pick up the pieces of what is left of the crime scene. The relationship between the two families are strained and threatening as this is the third brawl in so many days. The two families ( Capulet and Montague )are reported to be saddened and angered by the events and have threatened revenge. The big question on everyone's lips is " How much more blood will be spilled"
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