The MISSION Innposible Hunt

Marina Caamal P2

Raincross Bell

What is the meaning behind the Raincross symbol?

The Raincross symbol was adopted in Riverside because the European cross was consistent with the dragonfly, but that was a difference in style not symbolic meaning.So there basically is not meaning it is a style.

Artistic Picture of Mission Inn

The hotel is designed to emulate California Missions. How many Spanish Missions were built in CA, what is their significance to the United States?

There were 21 Spanish Missions built in California, their significance to the United States is they were built to colonize the Alta California.

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Booker T Washington

Who was Booker T Washington? & How were his views different than WEB DuBois?

Booker T Washington was an educator,reformer, and the most influential black leader of his time. His views were different than WEB DuBois because Washington believed in gaining his way with whites and DuBois did not believe this.

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Nanking Bell

What triggered the Boxer Rebellion & what was America's response to it?

The Boxer Rebellion occurred when a contemporary government took control of China. America's response was to refuse indemnity.

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Frank Miller Statue

Do you think the government was correct in granting the Mission Inn Hotel this honor?

Yes, because the design was intricate and also many well known people visited here.

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Taft Chair

What was the Progressive Era a response to? & What reforms did it bring about?

The progressive Era was a response to industrialization and urbanization in the US. The reforms it brought about were segregation.

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Teddy Roosevelt

What do you think was Teddy's biggest accomplishment & why?

I believe his greatest accomplishment was being a great, well liked and known president, as well as making a difference in society , I believe this because he has been a part of well rounding our nation.

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Chinese Pavillion

What immigrant processing center did these Chinese immigrants most likely come through? Why was the Chinese Exclusion Act implemented?

The Chinese immigrants came through Ellis Island, which was a processing center. The Chinese Exclusion Act was implemented because the US was afraid they had loyalty to their country and did not want to take any chances.

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Statue of Liberty Torch Stairs

Why were so many immigrants coming to America at the turn of the century?

So many immigrants came for jobs.

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International Rotunda

Why did the US finally enter World War One?

The US finally entered World War One because they did not want to lose land.

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Cool Picture at the Mission Inn

This was a picture of me and my friends at the Mission Inn
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