Marissa C


"Things will always get better" this is my theme because even though my mom died when I was 18 months I never really had to rely on two parents only one, also things have always got better in my perspective.



My setting is probably in my new house that I built because it was my turning point and its where I live now and is one of the things that has gotten better.

Plot 1

When I was 18 months old my mom died in a car accident. It was really hard on my family mainly my dad and oldest brother Johnathon because she died the day before my brother Johnathon's birthday and my dad has never gotten over my mom and till this day we still miss her. Although ever since when bad things happen something happens or seems to have its way of getting better or at least I would make it better or try to make it better.

Plot 2

My house burnt down in a fire and that upsetting because we were out of a house but we stayed with family which was fun but they got annoying at times but now we built a new house in Des Moines. I love the new house its bigger and better but all my memories of my mom were burnt down in the fire.

Plot 3

I moved to a new school. At first I thought it was a bad thing because I wouldn't know anyone and I would miss all my friends, but once I got here after the first few days I had a bunch of new friends and now I love Norwalk and don't regret coming here.

Turning point

My turning point was probably when i built a new house and went to a new school because it was like I got a new start.
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