SOAR Report

Week of September 19, 2016 "D" Week for Related Arts

Wendell Phillips Vision

"Wendell Phillips 63 will establish a positive, engaging, and rigorous learning environment that allows each child to "SOAR" to Excellence as a member of the Cardinal Family."


Monday, September 19

Lesson Plans due via Google Drive (9:00 am)

Tuesday, September 20

Grade 4 Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade 5 Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade K, 1 ELA PLC

Grade 2 Math PLC

Wednesday, September 21

PIT Day- 1:00-8:00 pm

Thursday, September 22

Grade 3 Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade 6 Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade K/1 Math PLC's

Grade 2 ELA PLC

Friday, September 23

BLUE FRIDAY- Wear your Colts gear and jeans!!

5th Grade HIGH ABILITY List due to Barnes EOD


Our vision should be known by all. In breaking this down, our learning environment will be:

  • Positive- set the tone in our classrooms by building relationships and reinforcing positive behavior
  • Engaging- instruction will be interactive and driven by student needs. This means intentional planning through posted I CAN statements aligned to daily lessons.
  • Rigorous- Our instruction needs to be challenging and aligned to standards. Deconstructing standards into skills and teaching how to apply the skills is the end game. Critical thinkers are the desired outcome.

Shout outs for the week:

  • Thank you to those that stayed after this evening for our Hispanic Heritage Night event!!! I know the families that came enjoyed it!! Thank you Ms. Pena for planning it out, Ms. Allen for the art projects, and for DJ Franklin for his musical talent. Also thank you to MC's Sweet and Gutierrez, and our greeters in Ms. McLaughlin, Ms. Norvell, and Ms. Fosnow, as well as Ms. Bernstein and Ms. Fritchie supporting the efforts.

Positive atmospheres in the classroom....start with the structure we put into place. Clearly defined expectations are taught and practiced daily in the classroom and with our PBIS rules and procedures. We HAVE to do a better job of enforcing these expectations throughout the day, especially our transitions throughout the building. PBIS rules and procedures are in the staff handbook....know them and enforce them every time!! I have seen several classrooms have these posted near the this frequent reminder before we move out into our common areas!! And keep the Cardinal Cash flowing!!!

Speaking of transitions....we need to be mindful of who we are putting in line next to each other. I see students that are being considered as frequent behavioral concerns standing next to each other in the line. How are we monitoring this when you get students lined up?

Engaging instruction....starts with alignment of the standard, skill, I CAN statement, and outcome of the lesson. If there is a misalignment, then students will become confused in the learning process, which leads to disengagement....which leads to behavioral difficulties. As I walk through classrooms, when I see this clear alignment, I see students excited about the learning process and engaged. This week's focus of walkthroughs will be on this direct the lesson planning process as well as the facilitation of instruction.

RIGOR.....needs to be directly tied to mastery of the specific standard and skill we teach. This was discussed last week during PLC's and should the focus of our planning. Review the data and what is being mastered, and what is not. This week in PLC's, we will be looking at assessments (K-2 Math Pre-Assessments, 3-6 Benchmarks. Come prepared already knowing your data....

PIT Day will be this Wednesday. I expect to hear great conversations with parents about their child's progress towards mastering the skills we have taught. To align with this, please have samples of student work posted in your classroom as well as in the hallways. I see blank signs in places where it says "Student work coming soon"....but these have been blank. The expectation is to have this up and aligned with the specific standard before parents walk in the door for PIT Day on Wednesday. This will be checked in walkthroughs on Tuesday.

Finally, I will be wrapping up SFS Goal meetings next week. You have been sent a calendar invite for this to happen. Please bring your laptop so we can get into your account and complete your Personal Goal and School Goal. The School Goal is: 90% of observed staff to be rated as effective or highly effective in Domain 3 (Instruction) of the Charlotte Danielson Evaluation rubric at EOY 2016-17.

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