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October 25, 2017

Useful links, thoughts and quotes for school leaders and teachers curated from the web by Harriet Potoka, Director of Center for Christian Urban Educators.
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TECH TALK - Kahoot

Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform for teachers. It provides a variety of options for activities that engage students in the assessment process, making it fun. It offers both classic and team modes, which allow students to play a game as an individual or with a group. Students earn points by answering questions quickly and accurately, and enjoy watching the leaderboard throughout the game. Put Kahoot on your list of tools to try.

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TEACHERS: 48 Critical Thinking Questions for Any Content Area

Critical thinking is the heart and soul of learning, and ultimately more important than any one specific content area or subject matter. It’s also an over-used and rather nebulous phrase — how do you teach someone to think? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Digital Thinking by Global Digital Citizen Foundation is an excellent starting point for the “how” behind teaching critical thinking by outlining which questions to ask.

TEACHERS: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Unmotivated Students

If we know what works to motivate students, why are so many students still unmotivated? These five questions will help you determine if your practice is really in line with research. Read the full article here.

TEACHERS: Retrieval Practice

Nothing cements long-term learning as powerfully as retrieval practice. Learn how to incorporate it into your classroom. It is a powerful evidence-based strategy that dramatically improves learning. Learn more from this free Retrieval Practice Guide and resources. Or check out this article that suggests ways to use retrieval practice effectively in your classroom.

TEACHERS: The Worst Teaching Mistake I Ever Made (Middle School Web)

Debbie Silver, middle school science teacher, shares how she managed to teach middle level science classes for many years without ever fully embracing an absolutely essential practice of all effective teachers. Read more.

TEACHERS: Teacher Caused Student Misbehavior

There are a variety of teacher-caused student misbehaviors. Whether you are currently struggling to manage your class or want to learn the skills you'll need to prevent problems in the future, this list can help you identify the causes of common teacher-caused student misbehaviors.

TEACHERS: How to Work Smarter - Not Harder - As a Teacher

Teaching is hard. And because it’s so important, teachers push themselves –and are pushed by others–to be as close as they can be to exceptional. Many teachers are amazingly gifted, but never quite find the space in their own mind and heart to bring it all together at the same time. So here’s a list of 16 tips to help teacher, not all will work for everyone but you can likely find two or three that will help

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PARENT & TEACHERS: 10 Tips for Creating a Fertile Environment for Kids’ Creativity and Growth

While it’s certainly true that children are naturally curious and inquisitive, they need support to develop their creative capacities and reach their full creative potential. Here are ten tips for parents and teachers to help you know how much structure, how much freedom; when to step in, when to step back; when to show, when to tell, when to ask, when to listen.

PARENTS: Teach Your Children Money Skills

Most people gain their money habits and skills from their parents and caregivers. This article gives parents and caregivers some background in how children develop, financially.

PARENTS: Parenting Lessons From Pooh

The movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” tells the backstory of the beloved classic, Winnie the Pooh. It also reminds us to stop and look up from whatever it is that keeps us from being in the moment with our children. Read this interview with director (and dad) Simon Curtis about the movie and the parenting lessons he gained from Pooh

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SCHOOL LEADERS: 4 Things Great Principals Don’t Do

It's National Principals Month and in this blog post, Rebecca Washington reflects on some of the best administrators she has had the pleasure of knowing throughout her career. Check out her list of the four things great principals don’t do.

SCHOOL LEADERS: Five New Teaching Methods Improving Education

Here is an overview of five of the most important new teaching methods improving students' learning.

SCHOOL LEADERS: Five Things to Do When You Have To Much To Do

Sometimes you just have too much to do.Your todo list is a mile long, deadlines are passing, and you feel like you will never catch up.When you find yourself underwater with your work, you want to get back on track quickly. Here are several tips from Time Management Ninja to help you get out from under your heavy workload.

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Character Education: Interview with Medal of Honor Recipient Robert Simanek (Korean)

edWeb: Robert Simanek

Thursday, October 26, 1:00 PM EDT

Teaching Practices to Support Learning through Play in Your Preschool Program

edWeb: Kristen Kemple, Ph.D

Thursday, October 26, 2:00 PM EDT

Google Anywhere: An Overview of Google’s Mobile Apps

Simple K12

Saturday, October 28, 2:00 PM EDT

How to Get Your School Started Using Formative Assessment with Digital Tools

SImpleK12: Monica Burns

Tuesday, October 31, 3:00 EDT

Finally, A Guide to Parent Engagement that Works Every Time!

edWeb: Sarah M. Rich

Wednesday, November 1, 4:00 PM EDT

Fostering Student Collaboration Through Coding

edWed: Alfonso Mendoza

Thursday, November 2, 4:00 PM EDT

It’s SOCIAL Media, not a Commercial Message

edWeb: Jacob Hanson

Friday, November 3, 2:00 EDT

Is Listening to Audiobooks Cheating?

edWeb: Terrie Noland

Monday, November 6, 2:00 PM EST

Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

edWeb: Chris Sperry

Monday, November 6, 3:00 PM EST

How Video Helps Teach Students

edWeb: Emily Cleary

Monday, November 6, 4:00 PM EST

Get Ready for the Hour of Code

edWeb: Kelly Knight

Tuesday, November 7, 4:00 PM EST

Shifting Our Thinking about Educational Technology: How to Place Tasks Before Apps

ASCD: Monica Burns

Tuesday, November 7, 3:00 PM EST

Character Education: Interview with Medal of Honor Recipient Gary Littrell (Vietnam)

edWeb: Gary Littrell

Wednesday, November 8, 1:00 PM EST

The Data Collection Toolkit: Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Classroom Data

edWeb: Cindy Golden, Ed.D.

Wednesday, November 8, 3:00 PM EST

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