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Love at First Sight

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While Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top may not be the most applicable song with its modern-day connotations, the general concept of looks over mental acuity is clear in both works of art. Shakespeare's play shows it via Claudio's lust for Hero, who declares his love for Hero before even speaking to her. It is clear that he was referring specifically to her image and not anything that lies underneath that surface. This is supposed to be at least a consideration by modern standards, but as procreating was probably the most important goal, it shows why that was the decision made by Claudio. Some lyrics within the song complement this by implying that "they will come a running just as fast as they can" because of physical attractiveness, "Sharp Dressed Man". This is also shown in the play (arguably) through Claudio's military prowess and uniform that implies his stature in society similar to a suit does in the Modern Era. It is evident that many of the general themes that were implied in Shakespeare's Era can also be applied to the culture of today.